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My Favorite Hobby: ATV Off-Road Tours

Posted on May 17, 2016

My Favorite Hobby ATV Off-Road Tours

To me, few things beat the thrill of moving quickly. Whether we’re talking about riding a fast bike, navigating a quick boat or rolling around on a speedy ATV (my favorite), I just love moving fast. It’s kind of funny actually – one of my cousins is the exact opposite and he hates going fast, absolutely despises roller coasters and other things that go quickly. Me, I’m on the other end of the spectrum. I love feeling the wind in my hair while rocketing around, even if it is kind of dangerous. And I do it here at home, as well as abroad, which is what I really want to talk about.

The ATV tours in Hawaii are some of the best I have ever been on in my life. Granted, I was not able to bring my own ATV along when visiting the US because of all the costs and shipping concerns that would have mucked up my trip, but most ATV touring agencies have loaner models that customers can use, so it’s not like I had to bring mine with me anyhow. My favorite tour was probably the Kipu Ranch Mountain ATV Adventure, which took me and a handful of others through a wide variety of terrain types.

For me, the different types of terrain all combined into the single course made it the most fun because I got to traverse tropical forests, mountains and river valleys, all while seeing some of the most beautiful sights available in Hawaii. Here in Indonesia, there are many courses with similar conditions thanks to the chain of islands including all kinds of different terrain. I especially enjoy driving during the night because lights are low, few people are around and all the wildlife that hides during the day comes out to creep around.

Night driving can be dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions, but I’m not concerned with it since I have a good set of BlackOakLed ATV Lights attached to my four-wheeler. This ability to drive at night is probably the one thing that sets my private riding apart from those guided tours I talked about before, but let me tell you, there’s a world of difference hinging on that one, small detail. It’s like being inside of a normally busy mall, except nobody else is around and the place is so quiet you could hear a pin drop from far away.

If you like riding like I do, and hearing about my night riding makes you want to try it out too, just let me give you one piece of advice – don’t go in blind. I recommend picking up some decent lights for extra illumination besides what you get from your headlights, if you even have headlights on your ride. You can click here to see automotive LED lights if you’re interested. Thankfully, most LED bars are easy for the user to attach to a surface, usually with the use of a simple adhesive to keep the bar stuck in place.

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Life in Hawaii

Posted on May 18, 2016

Life in Hawaii

Many people from the mainland United States think Hawaii is some kind of tropical paradise. They’re right about that, but Hawaiians have their own issues too, just like people in every other place. For one, shipping costs are insane when ordering anything from outside of the island – people from Australia are intimately familiar with this concept too. Hawaiians also don’t have much land suitable for grazing, so meats like beef and pork tend to cost more there than they do in any of the other 49 states. On the other hand, fish is a lot cheaper, which is nice for seafood lovers.

Life in Hawaii is about more than just food prices and shipping costs though. They have all the swimming, boating, fishing and surfing that anyone could ever want, and especially the surfing thanks to being surrounded by water on all sides. Hawaii gets bigger waves than most other locations in the world, which easily explains why they are so many beach bums there. Looking at it from another perspective, living in Hawaii also means that you’re isolated out in the middle of the ocean. You can’t just get up and drive to go visit your friends, relatives and family, unless of course they live here too.

Like I mentioned before, things are just more expensive there. Hawaii has a higher cost of living than many parts of the mainland United States, mostly because of that isolation which I mentioned moments ago. Parking is probably the worst in any state too, because Hawaii is seen as a vacation destination by people all over the world who go to visit there every year. If you think the meter maids and dudes are like hawks where you live, in Hawaii they’re like satellites with telescopic lenses and pinpoint accuracy that blast you with parking tickets the moment your meter runs out of time.

Historically, Hawaii has been a land dominated by Polynesians, Japanese and Filipinos, and you can really see that in the architecture and the cultural centers of the place. Food there is a mixture of fare from all over the world – I would compare it to the sort of fare you find in big seaport towns, like in New York or California, or all over the UK. For instance, McDonald’s locations in Hawaii have meals you won’t find anywhere else: rice with soy sauce, fried eggs and Portuguese sausage is one of my favorites. Oahu is like a foodie’s dream and those types would probably love living there.

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